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Water pumping machine


Butler Ridge Energy Services offers a complete package of services. Our number one goal is to ensure that your project will be completed safely, while also ensuring the environment is protected at all times. In this world of ever changing markets, we understand the importance of quality and cost effective service in the area of water management. Our team of professionals will ensure that all equipment is on location and set up on time, on budget and running smoothly with no interruptions of water supply to and from locations.

Water Management Team

Our water management operations team can provide design and construction of water management systems. They can also monitor operations of all pumping equipment, pipelines, tanks, manifolds, pressures and filtration to meet ongoing, continuous water management operations.


Our flow back team provides water management in all areas of flow back operations - pumping and transferring of all produced fluids.


Our water infrastructure construction group provides complete installation and set up of water management pumping and piping systems. They also handle HDPE pipe fusing, manifold, pump, tank farm and filtration setup.

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